Weeks before the auction, we started with site preparation. We pay close attention to this step as it is important to help maximize the value of your assets. During preparation, our installation team sorts the assets and groups it into Lots, in a logical order of auction, label the items for the auction and catalog them as well as prepare them to view them online. Members of our auction installation team are full time professionals; Our team works with its staff to ensure that both we and visitors comply with company policies and safety standards. All installation costs, as well as advertising expenses, are included in the pre-approved auction cost allocation.


Día de la Subasta Auction Day A group of six or seven people from the auction team and office equipment will direct the auction live. They are trusted personnel who have several years of experience in the company. They handle bidders' registration, call to auction and sale, sales support, sales recording, billing, collection, security and other aspects of the day of the sale. This equipment travels with computers, printers, signage, and other necessary elements to create a professional mobile office and use an approved financial management system for asset tracking and complete auction accountability.


We will have a team on site tracking the auction to oversee the removal of paid auctioned lots. Removal of items usually starts as soon as the auction ends, and continues the time required (usually one or two weeks), at Each auction event, we provide you with a list of independent service providers and certified technicians to contact Packing / Packaging and Logistics if required. We offer this list as a service to help bidders comply with the terms of removal of sensitive equipment with each customer of the auction..


We innovate your offer not only in price but also as something attractive and new. Finding a commercial and lasting agreement in time. Only 69% of companies have defined performance targets and only 15% resort to analysis to drive them. Do not follow the same path. We have a new vision. See, think, and plan a new future. We are also dreamers. They dream big and with their eyes open.


In addition to helping transparency of business relationships, while some suffer to pay off debt, others may come to take advantage of these opportunities to find products or Articles with a price that may be below 50% of the commercial value. We are specialists, we characterize in the movement inputs and outputs based on the needs of our clients. That every day increase by this innovative possibility to buy and sell quickly.

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