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About Steven Rubin Auctioneers

Steven Rubin and his brand SRAUCTIONS has been conducting auctions since 1994. Steven Rubin Auctioneers has been conducting auctions through the United States and the Caribbean for the largest and most successful commercial auctions companies and for local governments. SRauctions professional and wide experience in the sector of automotive, general merchandise, heavy equipment and varieties of other products help increase and expand markets through product knowledge and effective sales strategies that  efficiently  satisfy the needs of  potential clients.
We are based on experience, professionalism and technical expertise in the area of auctions, asset liquidation, purchase and sale of machinery, appraisals and asset management through specialized software within a framework of professionalism and ethics.
Commercial auctions are our specialty!


The longer you spend without doing anything, the more money you're loosing, the auctions are dynamic and they give your business energy!


We are global and participants  are a click away.  Every day more people are added to bid on this business model. Now the Internet is going through an auction fever!


We work successfully with a wide range of suppliers and we provide global bidders the assurance and logistics for optimal satisfaction.

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We conduct commercial auctions globally, these allow you to participate no matter where you are. We generate attractive results determined by  the assets to be auctioned.

This dynamic is at your hands.